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by MUSECNN | Press Room
Ugo Rondinone, the Swiss-born, New York-based artist, has created a major work of public art for Rockefeller Center. Human Nature includes nine colossal stone figures, standing like ancient sentries along the full length of Rockefeller Plaza between 49th and 50th Streets. Ranging in height from 16 to 20 feet, they weigh up to 30,000 lbs each.
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by MUSECNN | Press Room
Koen van den Broek’s second solo exhibition with the Friedman Benda is titled Apex. In this body of large-scale work van den Broek uses the history of his own paintings as a reference point and conceives fresh commentaries on abstraction. He formally resolves his signature tension between the photographic and the painterly, transcending from referential and cerebral to the experiential and spiritual. A trained architect, van den Broek uses light, shape, and repetition to build generic structures, be it natural or man-made, through layering and the application of vibrant colors. Shadows cast by anonymous buildings, cracks in sun baked pavement, and lonely overpass bridges suggest human presence and a narrative long past. His preference for the casual and reflective aligns with Edward Hopper and Wayne Thiebaud.
by MUSECNN | Press Room
Curator Lance Fung is pleased to announce that installations by artists Peter Hutchinson, Robert Lach and Jedediah Morfit will be added to the large, seven-acre ARTLANTIC: wonder site in 2013. The Hutchinson, Lach and Morfit interventions will complement the 2012 installations by Robert Barry, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, John Roloff and Kiki Smith and will include several of Peter Hutchinson’s famous “thrown rope” pieces, Robert Lach’s fiberglass bird’s nest installation and functional, cast aluminum furniture and gate by Jedediah Morfit. The new ARTLANTIC installations, which include Lach’s and Morfit’s first public art commissions, will be installed by July 2013.
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by MUSECNN | Press Room
Bernd Ribbeck’s work builds upon the geometric vocabulary and historical background of spiritual abstraction. Drawing from these influences, Ribbeck interlaces simple structures and color planes to produce images of faceted, seemingly infinite complexity. Confronted much like religious icons, these works speak to the possibility of the intangible, while their inherent material presence grounds the viewer in reality. In this exhibition, Ribbeck presents a newly developed series of India Ink drawings. Composed primarily of interlocking geometric forms, these works speak to the symbolic potential of ornamentation.
by MUSECNN | Press Room
Kathryn Markel Fine Arts is thrilled to present An Awful Rainbow, an exhibition of new work by abstract painter, Paul Behnke. April 18 - May 18, 2013Inspired by an 1820 poem by English poet John Keats, which reads "Do not all charms fly/ At the mere touch of cold philosophy?/ There was an awful rainbow once in heaven/we know her... texture;" Paul Behnke's latest work is, first and foremost, an exercise in color.
by MUSECNN | Press Room
The self-titled show in Mana’s first-floor gallery will feature more than 150 of Araki's works selected from a distinguished private collection, as well as a unique installation of 500 Polaroids. Arguably Japan's greatest living photographer—and certainly its most controversial—Araki's work is charged with intense sexuality. Known best for his intimate, snapshot style images of women in bondage (also known as kinbaku, the Japanese art of erotic rope-tying), Araki is an artist who reacts strongly to his emotions and uses photography to express them more fully.888 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ, 07306
by MUSECNN | Press Room
In celebration of the publication of her book 365 DAYS: A CATALOGUE OF TEARS, Laurel Nakadate invites everyone who reads these lines to come to MoMA PS1 to CONFESS, DETAIL, and ATONE FOR SHAMEFUL ACTS OF THE PAST. These public apologies will stand in for more intimate acts of apology for the time being, and may result in feelings of well-being and relief for those who have been carrying around burdens, great and small.
by Candice Novak
Artists and tech gurus—two types of genius that have shaped the identity of the Bay Area—have historically had little in common. Even if city planners and citizens weren’t aware of the inherent dual personality of the region, they have found their man. New York-based artist Leo Villareal successfully mixes art and technology in a way that’s not forced or geeky. He has fused programmable LED lights and computer programming with what can only be called beauty to dazzle his host city, and not on a small scale. The biggest, brightest example of high-tech and high-art coming together happens to also be the biggest, brightest and most adored new public art installation in the Bay Area, and increasingly, the world: The Bay Lights.

Photo by Nina Wood
Art Market
by Kristina Vega
The Independent is truly a unique art show. Now its third year, the event showcased works from 43 galleries, publishing houses, and performance spaces from the tri state area and beyond. Though the pieces were all for sale, there was a distinct feel throughout that the event was held for the enjoyment of the viewer and the magnificence of the art as opposed to being shown for the profit of the galleries.
by Xiomara Martinez-White
For Jason Karolak, it is not “grease,” but “geometry,” that is the word. In his newest, untitled exhibition, Karolak focuses on different aspects of geometry, while also emphasizing color and contrast.
Robert Lango's Gang of Cosmos
By Anna Graves
in his 2014 New York Times review of the Whitney Biennial, art critic Holland Cotter declares a very clear disdain for Abstract Expressionism, calling it “overrated and pretentious, a bore.” He wonders why anyone would ever want to bother with it, except to “do some constructive damage.” Many, I’m sure, have had similar thoughts on the great mid-century movement – I myself have questioned its appeal on occasion. Thankfully, Gang of Cosmos, Robert Longo’s exhibition at Metro Pictures, provides a swift and breathtaking reminder of how powerful some of those compositions are, while igniting a conversation about the relationship between painting, drawing, and art history’s love affair with the popular movement.

Indicted art dealer, painter were ‘masters of forgery and deceit’

11:23 PM on 22 April 2014

CNN:  Spanish art dealer Jose Carlos Bergantiños Diaz helped persuade wealthy buyers to shell out millions …

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Museum-Worthy Power Suits from Around the World

9:21 PM on 15 April 2014

Art News: Post-colonial hijinks from Yinka Shonibare in Magic Ladders, his show at the Barnes …

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U.S. Taps Joan Jonas for Venice Biennale Pavilion

8:58 PM on 15 April 2014

The New York Observer:  Joan Jonas has been selected to represent the United States at the 2015 Venice …

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Thessaloniki Museum Seeks Funds

8:33 PM on 15 April 2014

“As every cultural organization in Greece, the Thessaloniki’s State Museum of Contemporary Art has …

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Dealers Tempt Techies at Silicon Valley Contemporary

8:10 PM on 15 April 2014

Artnet:   Galleries participating in this week’s inaugural Silicon Valley Contemporary fair are …

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Pastor Convicted for Selling Fake Damien Hirsts

6:29 PM on 10 April 2014

Hyperallergic: Kevin Sutherland, the Florida pastor on trial for attempting to sell counterfeit Damien …

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Frieze New York, Unions Reach Agreement in Art Fair Labor Dispute

2:26 PM on 10 April 2014

The New York Observer: Frieze New York and city labor unions have settled a lengthy …

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Uniqlo’s New Fashion Line Is All About Contemporary Art

11:09 PM on 1 April 2014

Uniqlo’s new SPRZ NY collection aims to bring contemporary art to a national audience like never …

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Reviewing Artforum’s Advertisements: April 2014

11:01 PM on 1 April 2014

The New York Observer:  Hot stuff in this April issue of Artforum. Perhaps hottest of all? …

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Kate Moss celebrated as ‘great modern muse’

1:40 PM

The Independent: Portraits of supermodel Kate Moss by major contemporary artists from Sam Taylor-Wood …

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Speedier visas planned for US-bound artists

6:04 AM

Less red tape means foreign artists could give lectures, teach courses and complete residencies more …

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Pushkin Museum director steps aside after 52 years at the helm

7:06 AM

Irina Antonova, who joined the Moscow museum in 1945, becomes museum president; Ukraine-born curator …

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Art trees grow in the asphalt jungle

5:35 AM

Plant life provides inspiration for more than 40 artists including Charles Ray, Sarah Lucas and Michael …

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Leading Saudi soldier-artist sets up peacemaking art foundation

1:14 PM

“People will see the artist as negotiating their issues; they will be involved, they will not just …

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Utopian visions in the Bronx

11:51 AM

Thomas Hirschhorn’s monument to communist thinker Antonio Gramsci brings art to new audience …

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New York Auto Show is All About Technology

1:37 AM on 16 April 2014 from

Fox News:: Auto shows are becoming more of a venue for companies to trot out new technology rather than …

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Google Buys Drone-Maker Titan Aerospace

11:45 PM on 15 April 2014 from

The Washington Post: Google confirmed Monday that it has bought drone-maker Titan Aerospace, in a bid …

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A man and woman laugh in front of a Motorola logo at a launch event for Motorola\'s new Moto X phone in New York

Zebra Pays $3.5 Billion for Motorola Tracking Technology

10:46 PM on 15 April 2014 from

Bloomberg: Zebra plans to fund the deal with about $200 million of cash and $3.25 billion in new debt. …

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Mind-controlled robotic suit to debut at World Cup 2014

12:02 AM on 2 April 2014 from

The Guardian: Shortly before 5pm local time on 12 June at Arena Corinthians in São Paulo, a young paraplegic …

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Driven: how Zipcar’s founders built and lost a car-sharing empire

11:36 PM on 1 April 2014 from

The Verge:  In the late ’90s, Antje Danielson’s son Max and Robin Chase’s daughter Linnea often …

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Housing Activists Challenge SF’s Google Bus Program On Environmental Grounds

11:27 PM on 1 April 2014 from

Tech Crunch: San Francisco city supervisors and affordable housing activists butted heads again over …

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Facebook buying Oculus VR for $2 billion

8:00 PM on 25 March 2014 from

The Verge: Facebook plans to purchase Oculus VR, maker of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, for …

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Age Friendly Technology

7:34 PM on 25 March 2014 from

UPI: Technology is mostly thought of as a young person’s game. And many of the most popularized examples …

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Smokers’ rights group sues NYC to overturn e-cig ban

5:41 PM on 25 March 2014 from

The Verge: Rather than address the unresolved question of whether e-cigs are harmful …

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Nokia Windows Phones to receive Bluetooth 4.0 update to support fitness devices and accessories

10:08 AM from The Verge - All Posts

Nokia is planning to issue a software update to its range of Lumia Windows Phone …

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As more staff depart, Bitly looks to reboot with new CEO

10:06 AM from The Verge - All Posts

Bitly, the link-shortening service born at Betaworks, has had a turbulent 2013. In …

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Experts say US spy alliance will survive Snowden

9:20 AM from Phys.org: Technology News

Britain needed U.S. intelligence to help thwart a major terror attack. New Zealand relied on it to send …

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Ill. researchers build ‘vanishing’ tech gear

8:54 AM from Phys.org: Technology News

Imagine this: There’s no need to throw out your old cellphone, because it will self-destruct. …

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The first electrically powered nanolasers capable of being operated at room temperature

8:50 AM from Phys.org: Technology News

(Phys.org) —Significant proof of the critical importance of long term basic research funding has …

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New thermocell could harvest ‘waste heat’

8:27 AM from Phys.org: Technology News

(Phys.org) —Harvesting waste heat from power stations and even vehicle exhaust pipes could soon …

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Sony abandoned plans to measure gamer sweat on PS4 controllers

8:24 AM from The Verge - All Posts

Before Sony arrived at its final design for the DualShock 4 controller, the company …

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Micromirror technology for smartphones

7:36 AM from Phys.org: Technology News

With consumers using smartphones as a mobile entertainment centre, the ability to project photos and …

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Intel’s acquisition of Omek means you might never have to touch a PC again

6:34 AM from The Verge - All Posts

Following the news that Apple is looking to acquire local 3D sensor specialist Primesense, …

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