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NASA’s Juno Spacecraft to Risk Jupiter’s Fireworks for Science

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6 January 2012

On July 4, NASA will fly a solar-powered spacecraft the size of a basketball court within 2,900 miles (4,667 kilometers) of the cloud tops of our solar system’s largest planet.

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Writing Credits: Smadar Sheffi is a writer, art critic and art historian, and currently a doctoral candidate at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She publishes regularly in HAARETZ newspaper and has a weekly art program on public radio. Since 2008, Smeffi has won scholarships and awards from The Lafer Center for Women and Gender Studies, The Center for Austrian Studies, and The European Forum at Hebrew University. She has curated exhibitions, mainly of Israeli contemporary art, and lectured and taken part in numerous panels and symposia on art and culture in Israel and Europe.

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